The Brain Clinic explains:

Our Services

Mission Statement

The Brain Clinic’s approach to treatment involves a combination of biological, psychological, and philosophical principles to better appreciate the “whole person”. This approach provides an individualized treatment plan that incorporates medical and holistic recommendations to help a person and his/her family. The belief of the clinic is that people are most successful when recommendations are collaborative, provide immediate results, and also allow for lifestyle changes.

Psychiatric services

The Brain Clinic, LLC believes that for individuals to thrive in their environment, interventions must be collaborative and treat the whole individual.  This is accomplished through the following steps:

  • Detailed intake process, in which the full psychosocial, medical and psychological history is discussed.
  • Use of assessments, as needed, to assist with diagnosis.
  • An individualized treatment plan that may involve pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions.
    • Non-pharmaceutical interventions can be a cost-effective treatment option. Based on a person’s presenting difficulties, interventions can be developed regarding nutrition, lifestyle, coping skills, and activity programs.
    • Prescription medication for adults, in conjunction with basic therapeutic interventions, to treat symptoms.
  • Collaboration with other medical professionals, as needed, to ensure comprehensive care.

Neuropsychological Testing

For more information regarding Neuropsychology, Neuropsychological Assessments, as well as the benefits of testing, visit our Neuropsychological Testing page to learn more.